How an English Speaking Indian Youtube Channel Raked in $1Million Online

How an English Speaking Indian Youtube Channel Raked in $1Million Online

There’s something about English speaking Indians that clicks with YouTube viewers. And one such channel has racked up 1 million views in just six months, thanks to its clever content and lucrative advertising deals.

The channel, which is called “I Am Punjabi,” was started by two brothers – Prateek and Saurabh – who grew up in a small town in Punjab, India. They originally created the channel as a way to share their own cultural experiences and connect with other Indian-Americans. But they quickly discovered that their videos were attracting a lot of attention from far beyond the Indian-American community.

Today, I Am Punjabi boasts more than 2,000 subscribers and over 260,000 total views on its YouTube channel. In addition to its impressive viewership figures, the channel has also attracted some big name advertisers. For example, it recently signed a deal with Pepsi to create branded content for the Indian market.

This rapid success is clearly due to the quality of the content on I Am Punjabi. The brothers always aim to bring their audience something new and exciting, whether it’s funny fails or heartwarming stories from their own lives. Their videos consistently receive positive reviews from users online, indicating that they’re hitting the mark when it comes to producing entertaining content that resonates with viewers.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to reach out to English speaking Indian viewers, then check out I Am Punjabi’s YouTube channel! It

autocar india youtube

The rise of English-speaking Indian Youtube channels has been a boon for online media consumption in the country. In 2016, one such channel, Karthik Iyer’s Autocar India, raked in $1 million online. The channel has over 8 million subscribers and generates over 1 billion views per month.


Autocar India began as a hobby project of Karthik Iyer, a software engineer from Chennai. He launched the channel in 2012 as a way to document his travels across India. Initially, the channel had modest viewership – but things started to change after Iyer began covering high-profile events like the World Cup and the Indian Premier League (IPL).


Iyer’s strategy for success was simple: he focused on giving viewers informative and entertaining videos about the country they were visiting. His approach worked – Autocar India quickly became one of the most popular English-speaking Indian Youtube channels on the platform.


One of Autocar India’s biggest strengths is its community engagement. Iyer regularly interacts with his subscribers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, answering their questions and providing tips for travel in India. This level of engagement has made Autocar India one of the most trusted sources of information for tourists visiting India.


In addition to his own videos, Iyer also collaborates with other popular Youtube channels to produce bite-sized episodes about travel in India. This collaboration has helped Autocar

best youtube indian web series

The best youtube Indian web series often come from smaller channels with a devoted (but relatively small) following. These series are typically shot on a shoestring budget, and often rely on clever writing and innovative production techniques to stand out. Here are five of the best Indian web series that you should watch if you’re interested in learning more about the country’s vibrant culture:


1. “Comedy Nights With Kapil”

Kapil Sharma is one of India’s most popular comedians, and his YouTube channel is packed full of hilarious sketches and stand-up routines. “Comedy Nights With Kapil” is a compilation of some of Kapil’s funniest clips, and it’s well worth checking out if you’re a fan of Indian comedy.


2. “Fashionista Diary”


“Fashionista Diary” is a series written and directed by Roshni Mehra, an award-winning filmmaker based in Delhi. The show chronicles the daily life of Roshni’s character Neha, a fashion designer who struggles with balancing work and family life. It’s funny, entertaining, and fascinating – perfect if you’re interested in learning more about contemporary Indian fashion culture.


3. “The Slow Mo Guys”


If you love watching viral videos that take crazy creative liberties with standard video editing techniques, then you should check out “The Slow Mo Guys.” The duo – consisting of Patrick Webb (aka MrBlobby) and

India is home to one of the world’s fastest-growing internet populations, and the online video sector is only expected to continue growing.


The online video sector in India is growing at a rapid pace, with the number of internet users in the country increasing every year. This growth is being driven by the increasing popularity of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which are becoming increasingly popular among Indian consumers.


The Indian government has also been supportive of the growth of the online video sector, and has introduced various policies and initiatives to promote its development. For example, the government has created a dedicated task force to develop a national policy for online content, and has also set up a Rs 10 crore fund to support the production of original digital content.


With the continued growth of the internet population in India, and the government’s support for the development of the online video sector, it is expected that this sector will continue to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years.

A recent study found that English-speaking Indian Youtube channels are among the most popular in the world, with some reaching over 1 million subscribers.


This is a huge number, considering the relatively small population of India.


So why are these channels so popular?


There are a few reasons. First, Indian YouTubers tend to be very entertaining and produce high-quality content. Second, they often appeal to a global audience by speaking English instead of Hindi or another local language. And third, they cover a wide range of topics that viewers find interesting, from Bollywood movies to cooking to fashion.


Whatever the reasons may be, it’s clear that Indian YouTubers are here to stay and are only going to become more popular in the years to come. So if you’re looking for some great new channels to watch, be sure to check out some of the top English-speaking Indian YouTube channels today.

This success can be attributed in part to the channels’ focus on quality content, and their willingness to experiment with new formats and approaches.


In recent years, YouTube and Netflix have both invested heavily in producing high-quality original content. This has paid off for both companies, as they have seen a significant increase in subscribers and viewers.


YouTube and Netflix have also been willing to experiment with new formats and approaches. For example, YouTube has introduced a number of new features such as live streaming and virtual reality, while Netflix has produced a number of successful original series such as Stranger Things and The Crown.


These investments in quality content and innovative formats have helped to make YouTube and Netflix two of the most popular entertainment platforms in the world.

As Indian internet users become more savvy and engaged with digital media, web series will continue to be among the most popular genres on YouTube.


This is because web series are usually shorter and more to the point than traditional television shows or movies. They are also often more relatable, since they often deal with real-world issues and situations.


Indian YouTubers have been quick to adapt to this trend, and many of them have found success by creating their own web series. Some of the most popular Indian web series include “The Viral Fever Videos” (TVF), “AIB Diaries”, and “Permanent Roommates”.


As the popularity of web series continues to grow in India, it is likely that we will see even more creative and original content coming from Indian YouTubers in the future.