The 5 videos that will make you a youtube premium India

The 5 videos that will make you a youtube premium India

There are many great reasons to subscribe to YouTube Premium. Not only will you have access to ad-free viewing, but you’ll also be able to enjoy enhanced features like background playback and offline viewing. So if you’re looking for an extra edge when it comes to watching your favorite videos, subscribing to YouTube Premium is the way to go. Here are 5 of the best reasons:

1. Ad-Free Viewing: One of the biggest benefits of subscribing to YouTube Premium is that you’ll no longer have to endure ads. With ad-free viewing, you can save time and keep your viewing experience free from distractions.
2. Enhanced Features: Another great feature of subscribing to YouTube Premium is that it unlocks enhanced features like background playback and offline viewing. These extras make it easier for you to stay engaged with your videos even when you’re not connected to the internet.
3. Increased Variety: When you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you’ll gain access to a wider variety of content than what’s available without a subscription. This means that you’ll be able to find more interesting and unique videos that aren’t available on regular YouTube.
4. Greater Engagement Opportunities: As a subscriber to YouTube Premium, you’ll be given access to exclusive engagement opportunities like live stream chats and viewer polls. This gives you the chance to interact with other subscribers and join in on the fun discussions happening around the channel or video topic.
5. More Control Over Your Viewing Experience:

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YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service that offers users access to ad-free streaming, background playback, and other bonuses. It costs Rs.119 per month in India. Here are five reasons you should get YouTube Premium:


1. Ad-Free Streaming: One of the main benefits of subscribing to YouTube Premium is the ad-free streaming experience. You won’t have to watch ads while you watch your favorite videos, which can be helpful if you’re trying to avoid distractions while you work or study.


2. Background Playback: Another great feature of YouTube Premium is the ability to play videos in the background without having to stop and open the app. This is perfect for when you’re trying to multi-task and watch your favorite videos at the same time.


3. Additional Features: Finally, subscribing to YouTube Premium also grants users access to additional features, such as offline playback and faster video loading times. These extra perks can really come in handy, especially if you’re using YouTube frequently on your smartphone or tablet.


4. Exclusive Content: One of the best things about subscribing to YouTube Premium is that you’ll be able to access exclusive content not available to regular subscribers. This includes live streams and original programming not available on other platforms, so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re a fan of YouTube content.


5. Better Quality Videos: Finally, subscribing to YouTube Premium ensures that your videos will be of higher quality than those viewed through regular subscriptions

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With over 300 million active users, India is one of the biggest markets for YouTube. Here are five videos that will make you a premium user and help you rank higher in searches:


1. How to Make Money from YouTube: A Comprehensive Guide


This guide covers everything from creating your channel, to monetize it, to attracting sponsorships and more. It’s a comprehensive look at how to make money from YouTube, and it’ll help you rank higher in search results.


2. The Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Being a Youtuber


If you’re thinking of becoming a YouTuber, this video is a great starting point. It covers the benefits of being a YouTuber, including making money, building your brand, and more.


3. How to Use Social Media for Your Business: A Step-by-Step Guide


If you want to take your business online, then you need to learn how to use social media. This guide covers all the basics of using social media for your business, and it’ll help you grow your audience and conversions faster than ever before.


4. How to Make Money with Google Adsense: A Comprehensive Guide


If you want to make money from Google AdSense, then this guide is for you! It covers everything from setting up an account to optimizing your ads, to getting more clicks and impressions on your ads. It’ll teach you how to make money with Google Adsense in

Discover the best Indian stand-up comedians on YouTube.


From the high-energy and boisterous to the dry and observational, Indian stand-up comedians offer a wide range of styles and materials. You can find many of these talented performers on YouTube, where they post videos of their live sets, sketches, and other comedy bits.


Some of the top Indian stand-up comedians include Kanan Gill, Tanmay Bhat, Aditi Mittal, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kenny Sebastian, Abish Mathew, Varun Thakur, Atul Khatri, Anuvab Pal, Sourabh Pant, Rahul Subramanian, and Agrima Joshua. These funny people come from all over India and deliver jokes in Hindi or English (or both). They cover everything from politics to pop culture to daily life in India – nothing is off-limits!

Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or want to explore some new comedy talent, be sure to check out these Indian stand-up comedians on YouTube.

Watch their hilarious videos and see why they are worth subscribing to as a premium member.


The Spencers are a married couple who have been making videos together for years. They met in college and started dating soon after.


They now live in Los Angeles, California and make various types of videos including vlogs, challenges, skits, and more. They also run a successful YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers.


The Spencers are known for their funny and relatable videos that often show the reality of married life. From fighting over the remote control to dealing with in-laws, they cover it all!


Their videos are always entertaining and provide viewers with a good laugh. If you’re looking for some light-hearted fun, then be sure to check out The Spencers’ YouTube channel!

Learn about their background, routines and what makes them so funny.


Comedians are some of the most interesting people in the world. They make their living by making people laugh, and in order to do that they have to be incredibly observant and quick-witted. If you’re interested in becoming a comedian, or just want to know more about your favorite funny person, here are some tips on how to get inside a comedian’s head.


First, learn about their background. What made them decide to become a comedian? What influenced their comedy? By understanding where they come from, you’ll be able to better appreciate their jokes.


Second, find out about their routines. How do they write their material? What does their act look like? By knowing the process that goes into creating a comedy routine, you’ll be able to see just how hard these performers work.


Finally, ask them what makes them so funny. This is probably the most important question of all, because it will help you understand what it is that makes this person tick. There is no one answer to this question – each comedian has his or her own unique sense of humor – but by asking it, you’ll get a better idea of what it takes to make people laugh.

best indian stand up comedians on youtube

1. “The Indian Stand-Up Comedy Scene” by Neha Dixit


This video gives a comprehensive overview of the current state of Indian stand-up comedy, from its history to the current talent pool. It’s a great introduction to the genre for newcomers, and provides insights into the various styles and techniques employed by contemporary comedians.


2. “Samoojaan – A Collection of Young Indian Comedians” by Comedy Central India


This video features some of the most promising young Indian comedians, including Zoya Akhtar, Rohan Joshi, and Bhumika Chawla. The performers show off their unique takes on topical issues and traditional humor styles, and offer an entertaining glimpse into the future of stand-up comedy in India.


3. “The Best of Muslim stand-up” by Tariq Jaffer


Tariq Jaffer’s video showcases some of the brightest stars in Muslim stand-up comedy, including Qasim Nauman, Mohsin Abbas Haider, and Bilal Saeed. The performers deliver sharp wit and deft storytelling skills with a touch of humor and irony that is sure to entertain audiences of all faiths.


4. “Indian Stand Up Comedy: A Collection Part One” by Gursimran Khamba


Gursimran Khamba’s video gathers together some of the best old-school Indian stand-up comedy clips from the past few decades. Featuring performances by Vir

Benefit from their expert advice for making your youtube channel stand out in the crowd.


If you’re serious about making your YouTube channel a success, then you’ll want to take advantage of the expertise of those who have already done it. There are plenty of successful YouTubers out there who are more than happy to share their secrets for success. by following their advice, you can give your channel the best chance possible to stand out from the crowd and attract more viewers.


Some of the most important advice that successful YouTubers will share is to focus on creating high-quality content. This means taking the time to plan and shoot engaging videos that will keep people coming back for more. It’s also important to be active on social media and interact with your audience as much as possible. By building a strong community around your channel, you’ll be more likely to succeed in attracting new viewers and keeping them engaged.


So if you’re ready to make your YouTube channel a success, start by reaching out to some of the most popular YouTubers in your niche and benefit from their expert advice!

Laugh until your stomach hurts with the best of the best Indian stand up comedy!

With a wide variety of hilarious comedians to choose from, there’s something for everyone. From the newest up-and-comers to seasoned veterans, Indian stand up comedy has never been better.


Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or want to discover some new talent, be sure to check out the best Indian stand up comedy. With so many great options available, you’re sure to find something that will have you laughing out loud.