Nylon Net Flower Design Fabric

789.00 529.00 per meter

Embroidery is an art of decorating the fabric with thread and needle. Hand embroidered designs give an edge to the fabric and add value to its look. Embroidery is done on natural fabrics like silk or cotton. Embroidery designs are formed depending upon the texture of fabric and stitch. Net is a textile in which yarns are fused or looped at their intersections that result in a fabric with open spaces between each yarn. Net fabric is woven in a grid like structure. Light in weight, finely finished net fabric; is a breathable textile that offers comfort to the wearer. It is combined with several garments to add a separate and beautiful layer to it; thus, increasing its aesthetic value. Depending on the type of yarn or filament that is used in the making of net fabric, its durability may vary. 

  • Package of : 1 Meter
  • Width: 56 Inches
  • Material: Nylon,Net,Embroidered
  • Color: White

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nylon net flower design fabric
Nylon Net Flower Design Fabric

789.00 529.00 per meter

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