Knee Cap (with Rigid Hinge)

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Sold by: Sara Medicals

Knee Cap (with Rigid Hinge)

Code: D 06
Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL

Knee Cap (with Rigid Hinge) is a simplified but effective design which offers the advantage of compression around the knee and the support of a side splint. It allows normal flexion of knee.

  • Anti tourniquet strapping
  • Good deloading
  • Free flexion movement
  • Four way stretchability


  • Rigid hinges ensure strong side splinting but free flexion movement.
  • Bilayered. Cotton on the inside ensures dermophillic interphase with the skin, good sweat absorption, enhanced comfort and compliance. Nylon on the outside ensure high durability, excellent aesthetics and color fastness.
  • Anti tourniquet strapping system ensures no constriction of blood flow, on one hand but better grip to the body on the other hand.

Knee Cap (with Rigid Hinge)
Knee Cap (with Rigid Hinge)
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