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Five reasons why so many people love Ikat design in 2021

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2021 will see a rise in the popularity of Ikat designs. Renowned lifestyle magazines have featured Ikat designs. The beauty and eccentricity of Ikat are captivating. Even Balenciaga has featured Ikat in their recent fashion house releases! Let’s know more about Ikat and why it is soaring up the trending bar in 2021. What is […]

5 Ways to Choose The Right Fabric For Beginners in 2021

5 ways to choose the right fabric for beginners in 2021

Choosing the fabric that will be ideal for your venture is very important. There are always few things that you need to take into consideration while choosing your fabric. What is your pattern? First, know your patterns carefully. Then choose the fabric that will perfectly suit your patterns. Different fabrics will have varied properties like […]

Things that Make Cotton Fabric Best for a Home in 2021

things that make cotton fabric best for a home in 2021

Cotton is a versatile fabric. You can design anything using this fabric. Be it- clothes, curtains, or bedsheets. Cotton is multi-purpose! There are several advantages of using cotton for your home. If you want to design rugs, clothes, carpets, cushion covers, or towels, cotton is the best fabric to go for. So, what makes cotton […]

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